Rosh Hashana Cards

Here are some of the sketches for the card designs. Please let me know what you think.

In Demand Artist

All of a sudden I am an in demand busy artist. I took a Children's book Illustration class through the Art muesum's art school. In this class we learned a lot but the most valuable was how to market and submit my work for children's books. So in the past couple weeks I sent in packets to some local publishing companies. So I was very busy with that. While I was trying to get those done I was contacted by a company in New York to do an illustration project for them. The first project was to design 1-4 concepts for Jewish New Year greeting cards with the deadline for the sketches tomorrow. I just emailed them out today, but it was really exciting to have my first real contract with a company for some illustrations. The finals for thos will be due the 30th, and they should get back to me on which ones they choose for the cards tomorrow. The same company also wants me to do an illustration for a booklet cover, that project will be coming up soon. I also am starting a childrens book project for a doctor here in town. He had a story written for a his daugter and wants to self publish it to give her. The past few days Ive been working on a sample illustration which i sent him today. We will then discuss price and a timeline. Also, my neighbor across the street has started his own web design business and has asked me to do his logo with future logo design projects to come for various clients. So needless to say its been a very busy very exciting time, not to mention all our weekend trips coming up for graduations. The image is for the children's book project.