Curious who's reading

Hey all...

Im very curious as to who is reading this blog. Friends? Family? Strangers? Fellow Artists? Card-makers?
Leave me a note let me know who you are, please feel free to leave an anonymous comment, Im just very curious!!


Business Update

I thought I should update everyone who has taken interest in the card business that Brooke and I were starting together. We have both decided now is not a good time to go into business together. We are however working on each starting our own freelance and contract based businesses and learning the ropes together about how to start that. Brooke and I both are still available for card design and will continue to work on projects together as necessary. If you are interested in buying cards, or putting in an order for a special project please dont hesitate. We would love to work on your project! To contact Katy email at katherine.burley@gmail.com or leave a comment below. To contact Brooke please send an email to brookeburnaugh@gmail.com.
We are both also available for portrait paintings, illustrations, or graphic design of any sort.

card making

Here is a new set of birthday cards Ive made...if your lucky you just might get one in the mail. Let me know what you think of them!


Painting in progress

Ive been working on this painting off and on now for a few months, but Ive been working really hard on it lately. I think its slowly coming along. Please let me know what you think...any suggestions or comments are welcome...