Thank You Notes!

Need Thank You notes for all those holiday gifts you've just received? Or do you write a lot of little notes to people throughout the year? Get prepared and stock up for your 2011 note writing with personalized Note cards. $8 for a pack of 10!

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New Project Sneak Peek

I'm working on an amazing opportunity with a fantastic local wedding professional. I hope to be able to share more with you soon. But for now, here's a sneak peek of a detail from this elaborate event.

Cindy Lou Who

My daughter made such a cute Cindy Lou Who for Halloween that we couldn't help but use a picture of her for our Holiday Cards this year. I even found a Dr.Seuss font and made our wording rhyme. We did just a flat card and included our personal blog site (blurred out for our privacy). Including a personal blog is a great way to let people see what you've done through the past year.

Family Holiday Cards

My mother in law sent me a picture this year that she wanted to incorporate into her holiday card. None of us in the photo liked how we looked, but alas it was the only picture of all of us taken together this year. So I came up with a more flattering solution. Having done an illustrated card for a client this season, I took the same concept for the photo that she wanted to include. Im pretty happy with the result. The whole family has commented on them and seems to really like the end product. What do you think?


Family Holiday Cards 2010

Remember this family from last year? Well this year they've added one to the mix, another little girl. They asked this year for something similar, but with a red, blue and brown color scheme-- that they had seen when searching cards online. I combined some images they sent and again painted them in photoshop. I added a few drawn snowflakes and some orbs for color. 4.5" x 6.25" A6 size on white premium matte Red River 60# and solar white classic crest envelopes.


The North Pole A.C.E.s are FLYING!

Remember the sneak peek post about what I had been working on back in July... I can now officially share with you, that the North Pole A.C.E.s are flying!

Santa's North Pole After Christmas Elves written by Diane Longo and Ron Marullo and Illustrated by none other than... ME! is now available for sale through CreateSpace.com, and is coming soon to Amazon and other retailers. This is a really fun book -- a year and a half in the making.

"The After Christmas Elves (ACEs) have begun working on next year's Christmas List and fly their planes to show a young boy named Donnie the importance of being good" (from the CreateSpace summary).

Ron and Diane put their faith in me to illustrate this project so close to their hearts. Its been so fun and gratifying to work on this project with them. Take a look and buy a copy for a kid you know this Christmas! Or buy one for yourself, its only $9.99!

All image rights are the property of North Pole ACES, LLC. Not to be printed or reproduced. North Pole ACES, LLC.©2010


Chalkboard Mural-ing

My Husband and I have been finishing up our kitchen remodel and on one of the walls we have added a chalkboard wall, using chalkboard paint. We wanted to have a few more permanent features on the wall including kitchen measurement conversions that we are constantly finding ourselves looking up online. We also keep a running list of things we need to get when we run errands. Its very helpful to keep it all in one place.
I decided to look up a few fonts for inspiration as well as make up my own along the way. What do you think?

If you're in the Austin area, don't forget that Bloom does mural work too!


A Bloom Favorite: Essence Photography

A relative new comer to the professional photography business, Betsy Erickson, owner and photographer of Essence Photography based in Northern California, has an amazing eye for catching the emotion and intimate moments between people.

Betsy blew me away with her gorgeous photos of a new born baby girl and her mother. How perfect would these shots be on a crisp clean custom designed baby announcement?

Or this shot on a first birthday invitation?

Essence Photography is also available for wedding photography. Check out her website, and think about all the brilliant and beautiful cards that can be made to show off your loved ones!

Texas Themed Birthday BBQ

A friend of mine was feeling a little nostalgic for the time she lived here in Austin and decided to throw herself a Texas Themed Birthday party...in Chicago! She asked for a little help with the invite and sent them out electronically. No printing or postage necessary.
(click on image to enlarge)


Holiday Cards & Invitations

Bloom is now accepting holiday card & invitation orders, as well as other projects. The holiday season will be quickly approaching now that school is back in session around the country. This summer flew by, and though it seems crazy to already be thinking about the holiday season, it will be here before we know it. Get your order in today and lets start designing your perfect holiday card!

A Bloom Favorite: Inspiration

Every wedding seems to have its one element of inspiration, wether its a feel, an object, a color, or maybe all of those things. Ive noticed lately when scanning the blogs, wedding websites and message boards that brides are finding that one element of inspiration and building absolutely amazing weddings. I know when I work with brides on their design concepts I love to find out what those inspirations are, and its so fun to help a bride build her vision.

This wedding was built around lemons and the color yellow. Stunning! Absolutely stunning. I may be biased because of my own love of yellow, but I think this couple incorporated the lemon flawlessly. (All image rights attributed to ivy-weddings.com, and taken from StyleMePretty.com) You can find this complete story here.

This wedding was created with a book theme. Love the card catalog for the escort cards.(All image rights attributed to MAP Events, and taken from StyleMePretty.com) you can see the whole write up here.


Children's Book Sneak Peek.

I am really excited to show this tiny little preview of a project Ive been busily working on the past few months. I've been working with a couple of local Austin area authors to illustrate this fantastic christmas story. We hope to have it available for purchase this holiday season. For now, this is all I can share with you. More to come...

All image rights are the property of North Pole ACES, LLC. Not to be printed or reproduced. North Pole ACES, LLC.©2010

Sage Green and Black Wedding Concept

Many of my customers are interested in my hand sewn wedding booklets. This is a concept that was put together for a sage green and black wedding. Each booklet contains all the pieces that are normally separate cards in a traditional wedding invitation: An Invitation, a Directional, an Informational (Details) and an RSVP card. The RSVP in this invitation was a tear off postcard in the back of the booklet. Each invitation would be sent in a white number 10 envelope.