Bloom Favorite: Table Card Round Up

I've seen a bunch of great Table Card ideas lately, from the classic to incredibly creative!

1) Classic Table card in an elegant setting.

New York City Wedding by Christian Oth Studios on StyleMePretty.com

2) Orange used as table number in this 

Portugal Wedding by Brancoprata on StyleMePretty.com

3) I love that each table at this wedding expressed a science subject relating to the couple's theme, this one was chemistry. 

Dallas Wedding by Sarah Rhoads Photographers on StyleMePretty.com

4) Each table was named after an author and written on miniature chalk boards at the beautifully quaint 

Mt. Hood Organic Farms Wedding by Jane Johnson Photography and Design on StyleMePretty.com

5) Stunning succulent centerpieces compliment these house numbers on wood blocks. So very warm and inviting. Camarillo Wedding by Jenna Marie Photography on StyleMePretty.com

6) Simple numbers on chalkboards adorn the centerpieces of this purple accented wedding. Napa Wedding by onelove photography + Off the Beaten Path Weddings on StyleMePretty.com

8) These picnic baskets are the perfect accent at this Madison Connecticut Wedding by Carla Ten Eyck on StyleMePretty.com

9) I adore these hand drawn table numbers by Rifle Paper Company in this Palm Springs Wedding by JAC Photography on StyleMePretty.com

Mini Interview with Mandy of Modern Whimsy

As wedding season quickly approaches, many couples are starting to plan their big day. It can all be a little overwhelming, but with help from event coordinators like Mandy from Modern Whimsy, the chaos, nerves, and never-ending checklists can be calmed. 

Choosing a stationer can also be an immense task in an of itself, do you go with an online retailer, a storefront out of the book design, or a custom stationer? How soon do you need to start on your stationery?

Save the Dates can be a great way to get others excited and prepared for your wedding, especially if its a destination affair, but who to send them to? and how early? Do you want formal and classic invites? or something with a little more "you"?  I thought it may help those of you who are beginning the planning process to hear some advice straight from Mandy. I emailed her a list of questions that she was kind enough to answer, and I want to share her answers with you.

Any pointers for couples as they start their wedding planning? Related to stationery or other?

Biggest pointers: communicate with your fiance, work out a budget, and have fun! Remember, this day is about celebrating your commitment to each other. Don't let the details ruin the purpose for the wedding. A great way to help with that: hire a wedding planner (wink wink). :) A wedding planner can help you keep a clear head about things during the planning process, as well as keep everything running smoothly on the day of, so that you can enjoy yourself! So find your style, work with vendors that you are comfortable with, and give your fiance a hug and kiss every now and then, ok? Ok. Happy planning!

What do you think is the most important thing for a couple to remember when they're starting out looking for a stationer?

It's hard to nail down just one important aspect of your stationer, but one thing definitely stands out: Style. First off, figure out what you want your big day to feel like, what you want the atmosphere to be like. Look at your prospective stationer's portfolio, and see if that matches up with what you are thinking. Don't feel bad if you find a stationer that is very talented, but doesn't match your style. He/she will understand!

How do you feel about Save The Dates? Are they important and a must or a per event consideration?

I think that Save the Dates are not entirely necessary, unless you are planning a destination wedding, a wedding around a holiday, or another time of year where people typically have busy schedules. If you are sending out your invitations at an appropriate time (around 6-8 weeks before your big day) then people should have enough time to make the event.

However, if you have the time and energy to create the Save the Dates, then go for it! It can be another fun way to get people excited for your wedding (they will no doubt want to see your engagement photos as soon as possible!) and it really never hurts to give people as much advanced notice as you can. 

Do you have etiquette pointers for a Save The Date?

Etiquette- wise, your save the dates are just a snippit of the information regarding your big day. No need to include a ton of information, just when the event will be, maybe the link to your wedding website, and a photo of you and your fiance.

Do you prefer a certain format? Or do you like them to be unique?

Uniqueness is always encouraged in my book! There are so many ways you can customize your Save the Dates. They should reflect the feel of your wedding. If you are planning on an elegant, classy affair, then you should send physical Save the Dates by mail. If you want more of a casual wedding, you can even send them via email! A Save the date for a beach destination wedding can be shaped like a shell, or something fun to let your guests know what to expect. Of course, the invitation itself will give more of the details to this, as well. Be creative!

How far in advance should Save The Dates be sent? and to whom?

Generally, it's best to send out Save the Dates 6 months or so before the wedding. Maybe even allot more time if you are planning a destination wedding. You should send them to everyone that you are planning on inviting. It would be very unfair to send it to a "maybe" on your list, and then decide that you don't want them to come, after all. Work out your guest list before you send them out!

What are your favorite trends you see being really exciting this year? 

I love seeing couples take one small element of their personality or style, and totally running with it. For example, if you and your special someone are really into biking, incorporate bike elements throughout your event: wheels as small touches of decor, a bike basket as a card station....it would be such a cute idea! Or if you like a certain place/region of the world, make that your "theme". Gone are the days of picking two colors for your wedding day- branch out!

Thanks again Mandy for sharing! Mandy is an event coordinator, owner of Modern Whimsy, located in Austin, TX


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