BloomFavorites: Cakes

Perhaps I am still a little bitter about the disaster that was my wedding cake. It turned up 3 hours late and looked nothing like my husband and I had asked for. Sure, it tasted great and guests were none the wiser, but it was so ugly! Now that its part of my job to peruse the wedding sites and look at wedding pictures, I have found that I am drawn to a certain type of cake.

These beautifully simple cakes really tickle my cake fancy. How about you?
Aren't they beautiful?

All images from StyleMePretty.com


BloomFavorites: Guest Details

I love all these personal touches that help to welcome and thank wedding guests for attending.


Bloom Favorites: Printed Details

Its been a while since I posted a Bloom Favorites post, and I have to admit that I just havent been keeping up with all the blogs that I used to read. I suppose that the excuse of LIFE probably is just that, an excuse, but I am working on it. I hope to start keeping up better with trends and all the beautiful events that people are sharing around the world.

With that, I also had a realization. I realized that not only am I not a talented or inspired writer, and I admit that, but when I read a blog I look more at the pictures than anything. So, Bloom Favorites will be turning a corner, and will be presented with a new approach. Hopefully more often and I hope to simply say few words and show lots of images. After all, that is what this blog is for. To share images of beautiful things and to inspire others to create more beautiful things to share.

Here is Roundup No.1 (Thanks to StyleMePretty.com for the beautiful weddings and the amazing build a board tool!)


Baby Boy Announcement

 Travis and Zaneta gave me the honor when I was just starting this business of creating their wedding invitations. I was honored again when they asked me to create these adorable baby announcements for their new little boy. Using inspiration from the couple and working with them on the design, we arrived at these simple but sweet blue and green announcements.

What a beautiful little boy, congrats to you T&Z!

Austin Baby Announcement

You all may remember the Austin themed baby shower invitations and thank you's for this couple. They gave me the opportunity to create a baby announcement for them using the same Austin skyline design. This double sided card features an adorable family photo taken by Brooke from BrookeWestPhotography, and on the other side a cute newborn photo and stats of the new arrival.

What a beautiful little family! Congrats to you.


Pink and Green Dinos

My daughter was very definitive in her decision to have a dinosaur party for her third birthday. It was really fun to try and create a feminine dinosaur party.

We added in some pink with several shades of green to add the feminine touch. I am really happy with the end product. We used the dinosaur throughout, including a banner with my daughters name.

Peace, Love and baby Joy

For our personal holiday card this year I wanted to incorporate a photo. We used this card not just as a holiday greeting but also an announcement of our news that we are expecting this coming July (now late June). I created the chalkboard prop and a friend of ours took the family photo for us. The challenge was trying to make it a complete piece without feeling that the chalkboard image and the graphic piece were too separate.

I am really happy with the end product and we are really excited about our upcoming arrival.

I also created matching Thank You notes for all the holiday gifts we received.

reindeer sleigh

 This holiday season, I had a request for something cute and different from my Mother-in-law. Other than that there was no direction. Sometimes not being given direction can be inspirational. I think this inspiration turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Digital illustration using wacom tablet in photoshop and illustrator.