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Wedding Wire Reviews

To all my current and past clients, Thank you! Thank you so much for trusting Bloom with your event or personal stationery. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love for a living. I truly value all of you and feel so lucky to have such a wonderful client base.

I have a plea for you. It is that time again where I must collect reviews for Wedding Wire. This can help me achieve a Choice Award or a Wedding Wire rating. Please help! If you haven't left a review of the work I've done for you, please visit the link below and leave one. I really appreciate it! (You don't have to be a wedding client to leave a review either, all are welcome!)


Warmest Wishes

From our family to yours, we wish you a very merry holiday season.

Successful Flight

You have probably seen the sneak peak post about my daughter's 2nd birthday party. It was a success and I'm so happy with how all the details turned out. Thanks to my friend Brooke who helped set up and provided the glossy round labels for stickers and snack boxes.

Claire is obsessed with airplanes, but there isn't much out there for a girly airplane party. This was the main inspiration. Why couldn't she have an airplane party? Why can't a girl love airplanes as much as boys? I found a color board on Pinterest (as well as a ton of other inspiring images and ideas) of midnight blue and shades of pink. I think it worked really well. Here are the invitations we sent out:

The backdrop was a ribbon banner centered behind the table and cake. On either side were vintage hard bodied suitcases I borrowed from my wonderful photographer friend's prop closet (BrookeWest Photography). One was filled with suitcase shaped favor boxes and a sign for the "Baggage Claim" where the guests would pick them up after the party. In each favor box were small foam gliders the kids could put to ether and decorate, a passport sticker book, bubbles and fruit snacks. The other suitcase had a sign for the "Galley" where there were personal snack boxes ready for the guests. Each box had a mini peanut butter and jelly, Annie's bunny snacks, grapes and chocolate chip cookies.

The cake was the part that I got the most questions about before the party. After last years rainbow cake, we had set the bar high. This year we created a cake spelling out "cake," decorated with blue sugar and pipped clouds. Using two pink paper straws a small airplane and clouds were strung across as if flying over the cake. Each letter of the cake was a different color: two shades of pink and two shades of blue.

For the activities, since the kids ranged in age from 20 months to 10 years, we had a table set up with bass wood airplanes and crayons to decorate them. Some of the kids took the planes outside to fly them. There were also "Pilot in Training" stickers, because lets face it, what kid doesn't like a sticker? Most of the time, the kids spent outside playing, since it was slightly chilly but still beautiful out.

It was such a fun party, and the most important part, Claire had a great time with all of her friends. Thank you to everyone who joined in on the fun!


Whimsical holiday

I became acquainted with Modern Whimsy through a search for Austin event and wedding coordinators, to send out Bloom's marketing materials. Over the past few months, I've shared a few email conversations with Mandy, the owner of Modern Whimsy. I can tell that we share a love for all things beautiful and well put-together. Design is important and beautiful, whether floral design, event design or stationery.

Mandy contacted me to create some holiday cards for her. She used words like "simple, fresh, modern and rustic" to describe what she was looking for. She also mentioned that she likes pinecones, bare branches, and deep reds. Mandy also provided all the text, including the quote. I couldn't have asked for better guidance. I'm so happy with how these turned out. If these cards are any indication of Mandy's sensibility and the beautiful events she puts together, I highly recommend Modern Whimsy!

Home for the Holidays

My Mother-in-Law asked for a holiday card design again this year, and with out a family picture as a jumpstart like last year's card we took some inspiration from the Address Change card we created this year. Already having the image of their new home, I altered it a bit, adding a christmas tree and lights on the house. They also live where it snows, unlike here in Texas, so adding that was necessary as well.

We also printed return addresses on the envelopes and included seals.

Family Holiday Card 2011

This family has been a loyal holiday card customer for three years running. Here are the 2009 and 2010 posts. Its been really neat to not only see the kids grow up, but to see them grow through my illustrations of them. In these cards, the clients wanted a more "hand-drawn feel" this year. The illustration was hand drawn, scanned and then colored digitally. Even the foliage and "Happy Holidays" are hand-drawn. Thank you to this family, for always bringing me a new challenge and for allowing me to capture you're beautiful girls (an pets) on paper.

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You may have noticed that Red, Brown and Blue paired together are the trend this year. I have seen it everywhere and even used this color combination in my own cards.