A Bloom favorite... Trends

Here at Bloom I've noticed a huge trend in wedding invitations and wedding planning-- Monograms. They are everywhere! Brides are using the monogram to brand their wedding, from the invitations to the decorations. Monograms are also being adapted to every style of wedding including the traditional and fresh, modern designs. I love this trend for the simple fact that its completely personal. It can be adapted to the bride's style, colors, textures, and of course their initials. Some of Bloom's clients have even used their monogram on shot glasses to be handed out for favors, and others have planned to use their monogram on napkins, thank you cards and programs. Its an individual touch I think we will be seeing everywhere this season. I would love to hear from you if you have any great monograms or ideas of ways to use monograms.

Examples are taken from:
1. Bloom Art & Design
2. Dolce Press
3. MarryMonograms
4. Studio on Fire
5. StyleMePretty
6. Wedding Paper Divas