Cindy's grandaughter in progress

Here is my latest commission. This is a portrait that is 24"x28". Have been struggling a little with color and conflicting styles. Sometimes I just want to lay on thick paint and other times I want to blend and make it realistic. Trying to join the two in one painting. I hope its getting there, let me know what you think.


Ali's Grandma

I just finished this painting for Alison. It is a happy portrait of her grandma. 11"x14" oil on canvas


Jewish New Year Cards

They're done. Ok, my part in them is done. They should be printed in the next few weeks and then available both online and mail order. Ill let you all know when I know. THey are using one of, or a combination of these images. There may even be a foil stamp of the sketch. Check back and Ill keep you all updated. Hopefully there will be more work like this in the near future.