Thank You Notes!

Need Thank You notes for all those holiday gifts you've just received? Or do you write a lot of little notes to people throughout the year? Get prepared and stock up for your 2011 note writing with personalized Note cards. $8 for a pack of 10!

(Tax applies to Austin residents, and shipping applies to out of the Austin area.)

New Project Sneak Peek

I'm working on an amazing opportunity with a fantastic local wedding professional. I hope to be able to share more with you soon. But for now, here's a sneak peek of a detail from this elaborate event.

Cindy Lou Who

My daughter made such a cute Cindy Lou Who for Halloween that we couldn't help but use a picture of her for our Holiday Cards this year. I even found a Dr.Seuss font and made our wording rhyme. We did just a flat card and included our personal blog site (blurred out for our privacy). Including a personal blog is a great way to let people see what you've done through the past year.

Family Holiday Cards

My mother in law sent me a picture this year that she wanted to incorporate into her holiday card. None of us in the photo liked how we looked, but alas it was the only picture of all of us taken together this year. So I came up with a more flattering solution. Having done an illustrated card for a client this season, I took the same concept for the photo that she wanted to include. Im pretty happy with the result. The whole family has commented on them and seems to really like the end product. What do you think?