The North Pole A.C.E.s are FLYING!

Remember the sneak peek post about what I had been working on back in July... I can now officially share with you, that the North Pole A.C.E.s are flying!

Santa's North Pole After Christmas Elves written by Diane Longo and Ron Marullo and Illustrated by none other than... ME! is now available for sale through CreateSpace.com, and is coming soon to Amazon and other retailers. This is a really fun book -- a year and a half in the making.

"The After Christmas Elves (ACEs) have begun working on next year's Christmas List and fly their planes to show a young boy named Donnie the importance of being good" (from the CreateSpace summary).

Ron and Diane put their faith in me to illustrate this project so close to their hearts. Its been so fun and gratifying to work on this project with them. Take a look and buy a copy for a kid you know this Christmas! Or buy one for yourself, its only $9.99!

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