Wedding Invitations

Here they are, the bride has received them, so now you can see the complete finished product!
Please let me know what you think! (some details have been blurred for the client's privacy)


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A Bloom favorite... Photographers

"A Bloom favorite..." a new addition to the Bloom Blog.
The First of many.

I may be biased and I might be slightly obsessed with their blog, but LemonLime Photography out of Kansas City overwhelms me with how beautiful their pictures are. I've never been one for traditional wedding photography, to each their own of course, but I would rather see a little artistic flair. I suppose its the artist in me. For my wedding over two years ago we hired LemonLime to document our day. My husband had gone to architecture school with one of the photographers in this two-man team and they were willing to travel (from KC to Colorado). I have to say I almost wish I was getting married again now to have them take our wedding photos again! You can see in their work they have a love for texture, an eye for the details, and an appreciation for the sacred and quiet moments. They were so great to work with then, but now their style has developed further and I'm floored by the shots they get. I urge anyone who is looking for a non-traditional, photojournalism meets fashion photography style to check them out. Even if you aren't looking for a photographer for your big day and you just enjoy blog reading and photography, you must visit their blog. I do on a daily basis and find myself completely sucked in. It really is beautiful!

LemonLime's blog is called The Juice Stop, go on check them out. You know you want to!
photo borrowed from LemonLime

Just a glimpse

Just a glimpse of the latest project. This wedding is one that I have a special connection to. My friend Tammi is getting married this May and I will be a bridesmaid. I was honored not only to be asked to be a part of the wedding but also to design her Wedding Stationery. You have all seen the Save-The-Dates we did for her a few months ago (if you haven't seen them, check them out HERE!) We took the same overall concept and design elements from the Save-The-Dates and incorporated them into these beautiful invitations. I don't want to ruin the wonderful surprise for this bride, of opening a box of brand-spankin'-new invitations, so once I know she has received them and seen them herself I will post the rest of the pictures!

Industry updates

With planning upon us for wedding season I hope to share with all of you tips and tricks, vendors (local and other), and just really cool ideas that I find. I am not a wedding coordinator, nor do I claim to be, but I truly enjoy helping wonderful couples make their big day a wonderful event. I've attended many a wedding, been a part of many a wedding and am constantly enthralled with wedding fashions, magazines, blogs and trends. Keep checking back for more links, stories and articles.

Orange is a trendy color this year and this orange 'round-up' is in honor of all brides bold and beautiful using orange in their weddings. All pictures borrowed from theknot.com


Thank you to DesignMom

One of my cards was included in a valentines card round up on DesignMom's blog and in her guest post about Love Letters on Mom It Forward.  I read DesignMom every morning and was so excited to see my card on her blog!  

Thanks again DesignMom, I'm honored! All of the cards you've chosen are beautiful, and your article inspires me to write a little note to my husband.

The image collage is borrowed from DesignMom's site and all the artists are listed on the Mom It Forward Post.  My card is the middle one on the bottom row. You can go here to my Etsy page to see it!



 Now open with Valentines and soon to have more greeting cards available. Etsy Alchemy is also available to request custom projects. Check it out and let me know what you think. I'm pretty excited to finally have this store up and running and I hope all of you are too!