Pirate Party Invite

Brooke and I finished our second project for our new business. This invite is for a three year old birthday party with a pirate theme. The client didn't want a basic primary colored kids party invitations so this is what we came up with.


Austin Family Magazine

&otI had my first official print for a magazine illustration job. It should come out in the October issue. Its for a story about having your children learn about their heritage. Here is the final artwork.

These are a few spot illustration for within the text of the story.

Our first project and a name?

Our first official project as co-workers and co-designers was a baby shower invitation for a friend of mine here in Austin. It went extremely well and we were very happy with the final product. Here are a few pictures, please comment.

Unfortunately we are dragging a feet when it comes to picking a name and designing our own logo and business package. We will get there soon hopefully. Here are the top few we are tossing around and any suggestions are welcome!
-Due (due-a, the italian word for Two)
-Ampersand ( the word for the & sign for and)

long time...

So some of you who may actually read this blog might be wondering where I've been and what's going on with my artwork. Well... the story is I've been busy. Busy with several new adventures in the world of art. Im currently starting a business with my friend and colleague Brooke. We are specializing in Invitation and Stationary design as well as other forms of art and design. We are slowly picking up business and so far so good. It seems we may have a nice niche in the handmade card industry, or at-least somewhat handmade. Each one has some handmade element, wether its stitching, assemblage or collage. I've also had a few odd end illustration jobs here in there that I will post about. As far as my paintings they have taken a back seat to everything else, but if anyone has a need for a commissioned piece please contact me Im still available for that. I do hope however to start painting again soon. Please keep reading and checking, i really promise to try and update more often.