I wanted to thank you all first for your comments, and I hope you dont mind, I'd like to post them annonymously. I'd like to have a conversation started and let you all see what eachother are saying about my work. I find it fascinating and I hope you all do too.

- awesome! i think you are right on, with the portrait of aaron. :)
- Liked the chicken (orange triptich) and Aaron best. Of course I know what I think you look like, and it wasn't a match or an interpretation for me. Grandpa reminded me of photos I've seen, don't know what your subject looks like. The Aaron portrait drew me in, and the chicken triptich has a magic quality to it.
-You're so talented! I love the picture of your grandpa! That's awesome!
Just a note, you might want to change your profile, it says that you're 250 years old!

If you all email me I can post your comments or feel free at the bottom to click the comment spot and post from there.
Thanks again, more paintings to come.

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