Slacking....kind of

Ok, so I know it seems like I am slacking in the painting department. If you keep track of this blog you've noticed I havent posted anything for a while. The truth is most of my energy is going into producing a portfolio and finding a job. There are however, some days that I actually find a few minutes or hours to paint. So this what I have been working on. Here is a sketch for a painting I've been doing, and struggling with, of Matthew. Ive also included the latest progress on the painting. I went to a presentation by the Gamblin Oils company, and even though I dont currently use their paint, i applied some of the color theory and process that the speaker talked about. I do hope to buy a bunch of Gamblin paints though, they are amazing!! Please leave your comments, and even if there are no comments about the work, please check in by leaving a comment or sending an email, let me know if you are actually reading this. Its nice to know that these posts don't just get looked over. Enjoy the pictures!

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Koenig Family Blog said...

looks really good, the teeth need some work on the first one and his hair looks really bright in the colored one, but the lines on his face look great and you can really feel what he is feeling ;)