The Name Game...

Yes we are still playing the name game, but hoping to narrow it down and nail it down soon. Here are the top three we are playing with: Adorn, Asterisk, and Happenstance

Others that have been thrown around recently but are not in our top three for the running: Ampersand (there is a product design firm in Austin with that name, afraid it may be confusing), Hiccup, cartabella, fresh, fiore, bellina.

Our Background, summarized well by Brooke
"...we met in Austin, but came to find out that we both attended CSU as art majors and also studied abroad through the same program in Italy. That's where Happenstance comes in. Adorn is a thought based on the concept that we'd like to make adornments or personal handmade touches to projects. Asterisk we thought would be fun, being that it's a typographical element (graphic design) and could use as an icon."

Any and all suggestions will be welcome. Please leave a comment on this post, let us know what you think, or what you may suggest. Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

Happenstance is my first choice because it's fun to say and I like how it feels as it roles off my tongue.

Second choice is Asterisk because it is a natural logo.

Good Luck!!!


Brandon & Kori said...

Another three? Umm...I think I like Adorn the best so far. I like Happenstance a lot, but when I say Adorn I think of cute things and that would make me want to enter your store & check it out(if you ever opened one that is).