Wedding Invitations

Yesterday I finished my biggest project yet. A 190 piece invitation set for a wedding. The colors are Brown, white and a little green. THe package included 190 Invitations, 190 RSVP postcards, 190 Reception cards with maps on the back and 210 A7 envelopes. I am so happy with the end product. I also designed the monogram for the invitation set which the bride and groom have purchased the rights to. You can see they've used it for shot glasses and have plans to use it on other elements throughout their wedding. (info blurred for clients privacy)


Winter said...

Wow these are beautiful!

Claudia said...

Looks great! Damask is HOT this season! :o)

bulldogheaven said...

Wow Katy! Hard work pays off. They look wonderful! Oh, and love the shot glass. ;)

Hope the new printer helps with the business.