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I read a lot of blogs, I would say Im a blog junkie. I enjoy looking at pictures and reading about new ideas and old ideas reinvented. Lately I'm always looking for a new blog involving design, stationery, weddings, clothing, whatever has pretty pictures and interesting information (thats what I am trying to do with this blog). My new favorite wedding resource is a blog called Style Me Pretty, The Ultimate Wedding Blog. This blog is packed with pictures from real weddings, resources for brides, and sometimes just cool stuff. If you are a bride to be or know someone who is, take a peek, I promise that you will see atleast one idea for your wedding that you would want to use. There are DIY ideas, classy weddings, fancy weddings, casual weddings, you name it they cover it.

Ive added this one to my daily dose of blog reading and find myself sucked in every time!
For all of you blogging brides or internet planners, which blogs do you suggest as either great reads or great resources?


Claudia said...

Don't have all the links here off the top of my head... but...

Southern Weddings

There used to be SO many more but I had to unsubscribe in order to stay employed... :o)

Claudia said...

I think you'll really like this one too: