A Bloom favorite... Inspiration in Yellow

YellowI've been an avid fan of Style Me Pretty since I was planning my wedding and helping friends with great ideas for their weddings, but Style Me Pretty recently became a whole lot more fun! I just joined as a member when I saw that you can now go on their site and make your own inspiration boards. There are tons of gorgeous pictures to choose from in all the necessary wedding planning categories from shoes to invitations. I suggest joining if you are a wedding enthusiast like I am, even if you aren't planning a wedding, to play around with the inspiration board feature and see what beautiful things are happening in the wedding world out there!

I've noticed when perusing the wedding invitation sites and wedding planning sites that Yellow is a huge trend right now. Of course three years ago when I got married and our colors were Yellow and Brown, it seemed almost impossible to find. Yellow roses are still my favorite and I would adorn my home with them everyday if I could! Here is an inspiration board created with some of my wedding pictures from 3 years ago. I used photoshop, but Style Me Pretty's site is so much easier and more convenient. (Pictures taken by LemonLime Photography)

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