BloomFavorites: Cakes

Perhaps I am still a little bitter about the disaster that was my wedding cake. It turned up 3 hours late and looked nothing like my husband and I had asked for. Sure, it tasted great and guests were none the wiser, but it was so ugly! Now that its part of my job to peruse the wedding sites and look at wedding pictures, I have found that I am drawn to a certain type of cake.

These beautifully simple cakes really tickle my cake fancy. How about you?
Aren't they beautiful?

All images from StyleMePretty.com

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Hulst mommy said...

I don't think I ever heard the cake story. Our cake was amazing, our photography was horrid. No great pictures to this day, ten years later. Ugh.

Love the cakes you collected. Simple, clean, and elegant is my favorite.