Bloom Favorite: Its in the details

I am amazed and inspired everyday when I peruse my favorite blogs and see all the attention to detail. The details that some of these brides, wedding planners, grooms, photographers, stationers have come up with allow me to be a kid in a candy store looking through the incredible photos. I've picked out a few the past few days that I would like to share with you, in hopes that not only will you see the endless possibilities, but for you to be inspired and see the joy that the details can bring.

What a unique idea to have a pie contest at your wedding! Brilliant! (pictures found on

This Louisville wedding had every perfect detail in place, but I absolutely love the original stationery ideas. (pictures from StyleMePretty.com)

I am a huge fan of photo booths or picture stations at weddings, and think the bride and groom get to remember what amazing people surround them on such an important day, usually with a little flair! (pictures from StyleMePretty.com)

What a beautiful detail for place cards. These really tied the whole theme in while bringing texture to the table. This wedding is nothing, if not creative and full of exciting details. (greenweddingshoes.com)

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